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Own your community

You don't need to rely on social media and its walled gardens to have a tea party. Forums are the original social media!

Share your passion

Whether your thing is serving your customers or gathering enthusiasts of underwater basket weaving, forums bring people together.

Let nerds help

Spinning up your own servers and maintaining them is expensive. Let the cloud be your guide.

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Love community

POP Forums first landed on the Internet in 1999 as a home-grown forum for a site about roller coasters. By 2003, it became an open source project. You can still download it for free on GitHub, where it has been translated into several languages. It has always been about love for niche communities.

Person hugging a cloud

We carry super computers in our pockets now, while helpful people deliver stuff to your house within a few hours of purchase. It only stands to reason that someone else should take care of your online software. POP Forums is built to scale, for communities of all shapes and sizes. Our pricing plans are simple: you pay for the number of times your topics are viewed.

Mobile phone wrapped in scarf

The classic forum format is familiar, like a warm scarf in winter, and gets out of the way of great conversation. If your users don't like avatars and signatures, they can turn that noise off. It might be inspired by the 90's web, but it works great on mobile and it's super fast. There are hundreds of millions of views in the history of this code, proven to bring people together.

Try it out at meta.popforums.com


POP Forums pricing plans are based only on the number of views your topics receive. Other services use a combination of users and overall page views and other metrics.

  • Lock-in special! ($125)
  • 500k topic views
  • No user limit
  • No admin limit
  • No storage limit
  • SSL by default
  • 3 million topic views
  • All of the good features
  • Social and OAuth2 logins
  • 7 million topic views
  • All of the good and better features
  • Custom domain names
Email us

If you exceed 7 million topic views per month, we can arrange a custom plan, just for your community. Also featuring OAuth-Only mode for your enterprise.

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Cloud-based solution

  • Available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Ukrainian and Taiwanese Mandarin
  • Cloud hosted, so you don't need an IT department
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Insert Google Auto Ads
  • Surround with your own header and footer
  • OAuth-Only mode, integrate with corporate identity for private forum. (Custom level only)

Classic forum functionality

  • Categories, forums, topics, oh my!
  • Upload images
  • Optional Q&A-style threading
  • Avatars and signatures, mutable by users
  • Recent topics across all forums
  • Notifications
  • Chat real-time with direct messages
  • User profiles with links to social networks
  • Save your favorite topics, subscribe to new post notifications
  • Mark individual or all forums read
  • Jump to the newest post
  • Real-time updating with new posts
  • Continuous scroll topics
  • Vote up and recognize posts
  • Automatic time zone adjustments
  • Embed YouTube videos


  • Choose from a menu of styles, or roll your own
  • Add header content
  • Set time zone for the site, users can adjust for their own
  • Your own terms of service
  • External social and OAuth logins, available with certain plans
  • Custom domain names, available with certain plans
  • View detailed security logs
  • Adjust topic and post page sizes
  • View recent user sign-ups
  • Limit posts by time interval
  • Enable or disable image uploads


  • All-private, sign-up required option
  • E-mail confirmed sign-ups
  • Parse out naughty words
  • Assign users to custom roles, limit viewing and posting to those roles by forum
  • Approve profile photos
  • Ban e-mail and IP addresses
  • Edit and soft delete posts, with history
  • Close, pin, move, soft or hard delete topics
  • View moderation logs
  • Auto-close topics after days of inactivity
  • CAPTCHA sign-up check
  • View list of recent sign-ups with IP addresses
many skins for POP Forums

Choose from a number of predefined skins for your forum, or have a web developer roll your own to match your brand!

We have been using POP Forums for more than ten years. The software has always been solid and reliable. Our forum users love the interface and we love how it helps encourage quality discussion. Now, with the hosted forum version, we can let the cloud do the work, allowing us more time to focus on content. Plus we'll always have the latest updates and access to new features. -Walt Schmidt, PointBuzz

Go deep with our documentation at support.popforums.com, or visit the forum about the forums at meta.popforums.com.

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