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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 5:00 PM
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The v9.1.1 release is available on CodePlex from the download section.

Next batch of work will include an extensible "vote up" system to measure the usefulness of a post, and recognize users who have popular posts. The idea will be to make it open enough to work with any "scoring" actions you might develop in your site.

Release notes

This is the first release for the ASP.NET MVC3 version of POP Forums. It is feature complete, stable, and ready for feedback. For previous release notes, see previous releases.

Setup instructions are available in the documentation section.

UPDATE: v9.1.0 has a bug in it that prevented user views being detected when they looked at a topic, so the new post indicator would show new posts until the entire forum was marked read. v9.1.1 fixes that. If you downloaded the previous version, please upgrade to this.


If you're upgrading from v9.0 to v9.1, simply replace the existing files. You'll also have to run the PopForums4.0to4.1.sql SQL script against your existing database. That script can be found in the database project. It adds a single field to the pf_Forum table.

What's new?

  • New "adapter" interface for forums. Using the IForumAdapter interface, a developer can plug-in code that alters the model and/or resulting view on topic lists and the actual threads. For example, you might add to or alter the model, then present a different view to display the data. See the comments on the IForumAdapter interface for more information.
  • Also new, users starting a reply will see a button indicating that they can load any new posts that have occurred since they started writing their apply, so they don't miss any of the conversation.
  • Fix: Moderating topic title doesn't update the UrlName.
  • SEO enhancement: Page links in topics and forums include rel="next" and rel="prev" to tell search engines there's more to look at.
  • Fix: User post list had broken markup, preventing topic preview.
  • Fix: Added missing permission checking on action methods to preview or load individual posts.
  • User name in top nav now acts as a link to the user's profile.
  • Fix: Cache key for caching view post roles was incorrect.

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